Online Branch Membership Forms

The Renewal Forms for the new season are normally sent out in late Summer to Branch Members.  However, the Coronavirus impact means that the monthly Branch Meetings in physical venues where the forms and payments are usually handed in cannot take place.  So how can membership be renewed or new members join?

Do it Online

Fill in an online form and then pay by debit/credit card via PayPal.

An online form link will appear in the list below when the Branch has set its fees (normally in June) for the incoming year.
Select the form for the Branch you wish renew membership with or join as a new member.

The online option for handling the renewal of Branch memberships and new membership applications was introduced to reduce the impact of the Coronavirus disruption on enrolments.  Through its use there are advantages for Members, Branches and the Society – by giving quicker handling of the payments, reduction in the amount of paper going through the various stages of processing and savings in postage costs.