Honorary Membership

The North of Ireland Family History Society (NIFHS) very occasionally grants Honorary Membership to honour a member who has made an outstanding contribution to the Objects of the Society.  Honorary Members enjoy all the Benefits of Membership but pay no membership fee and no capitation fee is payable for them.

To propose a member for Honorary Membership write to the President of the Society with a case supporting the proposal – see Contacts for the Society’s address.  The proposal will be considered by Council.

The following members have been honoured since the Society was founded in 1979:

The late Dr David Honneyman (2002)
The late Mr Randal Gill (2002)
The late Mr Samuel Bracegirdle (2004)
The late Mrs Jeanne Jordan (2009)
Mr John Bassett (2011)
Miss Marjorie Geary (2011)

Mrs Claire McElhinney (2011)
Mrs Georgie Siberry (2011)
Miss Doreen Walker (2014)

Mr David Deane (2015)
Mrs Kathleen Neill (2016)
Miss Rosemary Sibbett (2017)
Mr Robert Guthrie (2017)
Miss Ann Robinson (2020)
Mrs Kathleen Connolly (2021)
Mr Michael McKeag (2022)
Mrs Sandra Ardis (2022)