Heraldry - a modern Roll of Arms

Roll of Arms

The North of Ireland Family History Society (NIFHS) has the following small collection of  books on Heraldry.  The construction of a coat of arms, part science and part art, can tell one a lot about the family history of the person bearing those arms.  While relatively few families are armigerous – and there is no such thing as a “family coat of arms” belonging to all who have the same surname – many people are associated with organisations, such as towns and universities and schools, that have matriculated arms.   These books are for consultation in the Library and not for borrowing.

The books are shelved at IR 685 in the Randal Gill Library.

  • IR 685-001 Ireland, Clans and Family Heraldry Grenham, John
  • IR 685-002 Dictionary of Heraldry Friar, Stephen
  • IR 685-003 Complete Guide to Heraldry Fox-Davies, A. C
  • IR 685-004 Heraldry and the Heralds Dennys, Rodney
  • IR 685-005 Symbols of Heraldry Explained Heraldic Artists
  • IR 685-006 Who’s Famous in your Family Readers’ Digest
  • IR 685-007 The Armorial Who is Who 1961–1962
  • IR 685-008  Directory of British Peerages Leeson, Francis L.
  • IR 685-009  Irish Heraldry, The Poolbeg Book of  O’ Comain, Micheal
  • IR 685-010  General Armory of England, Scotland , Ireland & Wales, Vol. 2  Burke, Sir Bernard
  • IR 685-011  General Armory of England, Scotland , Ireland & Wales, Vol. 3  Burke, Sir Bernard
  • IR 685-012  Heraldry, Ulster & North American Connections   Swan, Conrad
  • IR 685-013  Gaelic Titles & Forms of Address (1990)   Duhallow, The Lord of
  • IR 685-014  Gaelic Titles & Forms of Address (2nd Ed. 1997)