Members Only Content

Online Resources (password-protected PDF files) available to NIFHS Members.

Username and Password Notification

The login details are included in the “Welcome Letter” emailed to new members and renewing Associate members shortly after the receipt of their membership fee.

The login details are changed normally in February each year.  Notification of a change is sent by email to members whose membership is current at that time.  The most recent change email was sent on 9 March 2023.  Check  junk/spam folder in case it did not go into the Inbox.

Members should flag or bookmark the notification email to give a reminder of the login details.

Username and Password Reminder

If you forget the login details, or have difficulty in logging in because of incorrect details, please look in your past emails for the appropriate welcome or notification email.

If the search fails to find the details you can ask for a Reminder from the Membership Secretary.

Please include your membership number in the request.
Thank you.

The Microsoft Edge browser has been causing problems when trying to access  password-protected PDF files.
Other browsers – e.g. Chrome, Firefox , Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. – can access password-protected PDF files.

Change to a different browser if a “401 Error” screen is presented when using Microsoft Edge.

Select a blue link below and then Log in using the current Username and Password.

Note – the Username and Password are case-sensitive.  An error message screen will be displayed if not entered correctly.