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The next programme of classes will be in early 2024.

The Programme for the 2023 NIFHS DNA Summer School  (now finished)

  1. Autosomal DNA Action Plan
  2. Using Geographical Information
  3. Mitochondrial DNA Action Plan
  4. Case Studies
  5. Y-DNA Action Plan
  6. Big Y and Discover
  7. DNA Painter
  8. Misconceptions about DNA
  9. Walking the Segments Back
  10. Looking Forward
PLUS . . . on Saturday 9th September at 2pm Questions and Answers Anyone booking all 10 classes in Summer School will be invited to a free bonus question and answer session. You will have had time to try out some of the things you learned so this is a great opportunity to bring along your queries for more advice or to tell us about your achievements. This event will not be recorded.

Monday 21 August 2023 @ 2.00pm UK time (GMT/UTC +1)

Autosomal DNA Action Plan – with Martin McDowell

An action plan can help you to manage your autosomal DNA results more efficiently. Learn about matches in common, the chromosome browser and other tools. Discover the best way to utilise those tools to identify your matches and make headway.

Monday 21 August 2023 @ 7.00pm UK time (GMT/UTC +1)

Using Geographical Information to Identify your Matches – with Anne Johnston

Geographical data about your matches is often overlooked but it can be extremely useful when trying to connect your matches to your tree. This class will show you where to look for such information and how it can help you to uncover those connections.

Tuesday 22 August 2023 @ 2.00pm UK time (GMT/UTC +1)

Mitochondrial DNA Action Plan – with Martin McDowell

Mt-DNA can help you to unlock brickwalls in your matrilineal line. This class will guide you through what your results mean and how to effectively use that information to work with and identify your matrilineal matches.

Tuesday 22 August 2023 @ 7.00pm UK time (GMT/UTC +1)

Case Studies – with Martin McDowell and Anne Johnston

These case studies will show you how effective strategies can lead to successful outcomes. Practical examples using autosomal, Y and X DNA will give you hints and tips that you can use in your own research.

Wednesday 23 August 2023 @ 2.00pm UK time (GMT/UTC +1)

Y-DNA Action Plan – with Martin McDowell

Y-DNA testing is now a commonly used tool to explore a patrilineal line. This action plan will provide a straightforward approach to interpreting your results and then applying that information to a male surname line.

Wednesday 23 August 2023 @ 7.00pm UK time (GMT/UTC +1)

Big Y and Discover – with Janine Cloud

Janine is from Family Tree DNA so who better to tell us about Big Y testing and the Discover tool? This presentation will be a fascinating insight into how it all works and what you can learn from FTDNA’s ever-improving presentation of Y-DNA results.

Thursday 24 August 2023 @ 2.00pm UK time (GMT/UTC +1)

DNA Painter – with Jonny Perl

Jonny is the creator of DNA Painter, the go-to site for chromosome mapping, calculating relationships from shared cMs and much much more! He will bring us up to date on developments on the site and give us hints and tips on how to use some of the tools he provides. The last time Jonny spoke at our DNA Summer School, it was a sell-out so don’t miss out!

Thursday 24 August 2023 @ 7.00pm UK time (GMT/UTC +1)

Misconceptions about DNA – with Anne Johnston

There is a lot to learn about DNA and it can be easy to pick up incorrect information. This class will go over some common misconceptions about DNA – it is your opportunity to make sure you are not inadvertently on the wrong track.

Friday 25 August 2023 @ 2.00pm UK time (GMT/UTC +1)

Walking the Segments Back – with Jim Bartlett

Jim is an expert on autosomal DNA, particularly “Segment-ology”. He has worked for many years on identifying how segments can be attributed to particular ancestors and why it matters. He is going to guide us through the concept of this and give practical examples for you to adapt to your own research.

Friday 25 August 2023 @ 7.00pm UK time (GMT/UTC +1)

Looking Forward – with Martin McDowell

Having an ongoing plan for your DNA research can be the key to solving specific problems and it can help you to confirm existing lineages. This class will show you when and how to use target testing to uncover better matches and achieve your aims.

Any queries relating to Summer School Class bookings should be emailed to the Summer School Team at

The Classes

We are delighted to present our fifth annual DNA Summer School; 2 classes each day covering Y- DNA, Mt-DNA and autosomal DNA, with something for all levels of DNA researchers.
Each class will be approximately 90 minutes – usually a one-hour talk followed by questions and answers. This year we are focusing on action plans to illustrate how to make the most of your DNA results. We also feature expert guest speakers and are very excited to have some of the best in their field joining us for DNA Summer School 2023.
All classes are via Zoom and the live presentations will be recorded, making it easier for people in different time zones to participate. Anyone who has registered for a class will receive a link to the video and be able to view it for 28 days following the presentation. Recordings will not include the Q&A sessions.
The price per class is £10 and, because we know how many of you like to book all 10, we are again offering a discounted price of £80 for the full package. And, if you need any more incentive to join us at Summer School, there will be a few giveaways and special offers throughout the week!
Our DNA Summer School is extremely popular – book now to secure your place!


Please allow 72 hours to receive the Zoom link after you have booked. This will go to the email address on your PayPal account. If it has not arrived after 72 hours and you have checked your spam folder and PayPal email address, let us know at

If you need to cancel your booking, please contact us at least 7 days before the date of the class for a full refund. Any cancellations within 7 days of the date of the class will not be refunded but, if possible, we will transfer your booking to a different class.

Classes are at 2pm and 7pm London time. Check the time where you are with the WorldClock Converter.

All enquiries about the Classes should be emailed to the Summer School Team  at