Transcribing Projects

The North of Ireland Family History Society (NIFHS) has many Members, both Branch and Associate, involved in Transcribing & Indexing Projects and welcomes further volunteers.  Some compilations of records, as books or CDs, are available in our online Shop.


Transcribers Group Photo

Wednesday Morning Transcribers’ Group

Wednesday Morning Transcribers Group

There is a longstanding group of enthusiastic Members from several Branches that meet in the Research Centre each Wednesday morning.  Led for many years by Doreen Walker (on the right of the photograph), they have transcribed an immense number of records, particularly Church Records and Graveyard Records.  A number of Other Records have also been indexed.


NIFHS Transcriptions

NIFHS Transcriptions


Many Branches have transcribed local records and published them in the form of books or CDs, which are available in our online Shop.  These are principally graveyard inscriptions and newspaper announcements.  The Coleraine Branch has published online an impressive number of transcriptions of Church Records and Graveyard Records.

Crowd Sourcing

In 2014 the extensive baptism, marriage and burial registers of Holy Family Church in Belfast were transcribed with the aid of Associate Members around the world as well as Branch Members.  The internet has made such worldwide cooperation feasible and it is hoped that more use can be made of crowd sourcing.

Do You Wish to Help?

If you would like to help with a transcription project, please contact the Projects Co-ordinator by email to, who will advise on recording formats and quality control standards and any requirement for a Transcription_Consent_Form.

NIFHS Publications

NIFHS Publications