My Ancestors Were ...

Specialist sources: My Ancestors Were ...

My Ancestors Were …

The North of Ireland Family History Society (NIFHS) has a collection of specialist sources about people in the past and their activities including several volumes from the series My Ancestors Were …   These excellent books direct the reader to many specialist sources of information including lists of names that might otherwise be difficult to locate; they also provide useful background information on occupations, on religious denominations and on other aspects of people’s lives. This can be invaluable when writing a family history as such background information can help to paint a vivid picture of a person’s life. The books are published by the Society of Genealogists and are shelved in the Randal Gill Library.   These books are for consultation in the Library and not for borrowing.

The books are shelved at M 180 in the Randal Gill Library.


  • M 180-001 My Ancestors were Baptists
  • M 180-002 My Ancestors moved in England or Wales
  • M 180-003 My Ancestors were English Presbyterians / Unitarians
  • M 180-004 My Ancestors were Freemen of the City of London
  • M 180-005 My Ancestors were Londoners
  • M 180-006 My Ancestors were Manorial Tenants
  • M 180-007 My Ancestors were Quakers
  • IR 325–002  My Ancestors were Congregationalists — shelved with Church Directories & Clergy – Other Churches
  • IR 725–040  My Ancestor was in the British Army — shelved with Military, Maritime & Air Force