JSTOR Ireland Collection - North Irish Roots

The JSTOR Ireland Collection is an online resource made available free of charge to NIFHS members who register for access.


With the exception of the most recent three years, nearly all of the back numbers of North Irish Roots and, indeed, a wide range of other publications of Irish interest are available on JSTOR.

image - JSTOR LogoJSTOR (Journal STORage) is a part of ITHAKA, a not-for-profit organization that digitally preserves scholarly publications for use by researchers. JSTOR, in collaboration with the Queen’s University of Belfast, has digitized many journals and other materials, some dating back to the 18th century, to form the Ireland Collection. This includes the Society’s journal North Irish Roots. There is a “moving wall”, which means that the issues of the most recent three years will not yet be available online.

The Society has arranged with JSTOR that all of our members who, in their membership forms, have given an e-mail address will be able to register for free access to all of the Ireland Collection. They receive an e-mail from JSTOR with instructions on how to register and, if they wish to avail of this opportunity, they have free access to all the publications while they remain members of NIFHS. JSTOR provides good facilities for searching the Ireland Collection or for browsing individual issues of journals. The Society welcomes this collaboration with JSTOR for several reasons.

  • Firstly, this is a useful resource for our members as it makes available a wealth of material that otherwise might be difficult to find.
  • Secondly, it makes our members’ interests available to a very wide range of people, who may have similar interests and thus may be able to help our members.
  • Thirdly, it provides excellent worldwide publicity for the Society.
  • Fourthly, it brings in revenue to the Society for, although access to the Ireland Collection is free to our members, it is available to libraries and other users on subscription.
North Irish Roots 1.1

North Irish Roots 1.1

See the current Titles List of the publications in the Ireland Collection.

We hope members find this JSTOR resource useful.

NEW JSTOR Access 2021

From 1 January 2021 the arrangement for NIFHS members to access the JSTOR Ireland Collection has been simplified.  Registration on the JSTOR website and the use of your personal JSTOR username and password is no longer required, though remaining effective until the expiry date of your account access.


Use this JSTOR Access link to go to the access page on our website. The login username and password credentials are the same as those used to access the Members Content area of our website.  Check your Welcome Letter email or the latest Renewal Acknowledgement email for those details.

Navigation to JSTOR

The access route to JSTOR was changed in January 2021.

If the pathway from our JSTOR Access page is followed the NIFHS page on JSTOR is presented.

The top of the page should show
Access provided by North of Ireland Family History Society“.

The link to the previous issues of North Irish Roots is at the bottom left of the page.


Navigation within JSTOR

JSTOR arranges the content on an “item” basis whereby an article within a volume of a publication is available for viewing online or for download as a PDF document. A complete volume is not available for viewing or downloading as a single document. To get the North Irish Roots content use the search box on the JSTOR Home Page. (Tip:  put quote marks around the words to better target this particular title.)

  • Search for the Title

JSTOR Search Box

  • Select an item (article) of interest from the Search Results list.

image - jstor search results

  • Read Online and/or Download PDF if required.

JSTOR Navigation Notes

The next page is shown by clicking/tapping on the right arrow 1 located just below the item’s header.
The other items (articles) within the volume may be explored using the navigation links 2 shown just below the item’s header.