JSTOR Access Change 2021

In January 2021 JSTOR changed the method of access to their website for NIFHS members.  Previously, members needed a personal JSTOR username and password to log in to JSTOR.  That method has been discontinued. The details below set out the new access method which needs the NIFHS username and password notified annually to members.

How do I gain access to JSTOR?

Members use the Login Username and Password given for access to the Members Content area of our website.
Look for these details in the most recent of these items –

  • the Welcome Letter email
  • the Renewal Acknowledgement email
  • the annual email giving updated login details.

The Log In page

Go to www.nifhs.org/membership/jstor-access/
The JSTOR Access page is presented if you are already logged in.
If you are not already logged in the Log In page is presented.

The page appearance may differ in other browsers.

When the correct username and password are used the JSTOR Access page is presented.

The JSTOR Access page


Click/Tap on the JSTOR badge to go the NIFHS page on the JSTOR website.

The “Privileged” NIFHS page on JSTOR

IMPORTANT: Do not use the “Register” or “Log in” button links at top right of the page.

The NIFHS page should show at its top –

Access provided by North of Ireland Family History Society

If this is not shown it means that the privileged access for NIFHS members has not been successfully set up.  Go back a page in the browser to the JSTOR Access page and redo the click/tap on the JSTOR badge needed for access.

The North Irish Roots page

Explore past issues of the journal.  At February 2022 the past issues on JSTOR are for the years 1984-2018.

For each item within an issue its underlined title may be clicked/tapped to see the contents on-screen or its associated Download link may be clicked/tapped for a pdf copy of the article.