New Resources: Tynan Indentures

Mr Kevin Doyle has kindly sent the Society a collection of 36 late 18th and early 19th century leases of farmland relating to part of Tynan parish in County Armagh.  For the most part the townlands of Drumgose, Skerries and Feigh/Fife are represented.  All were held by the Johnston family of Woodpark, Caledon manor.  He points out that these “fusty old documents” are almost a census substitute for that little “hook” of Armagh that borders Tyrone and Monaghan for the years covered; even adjoining tenants are shown where maps are attached.

Together with the lessors, Johnston or Johnstone, the attorney and his sons, Mitchell, and the surveyors, Fleming, the lessees are Callaghan, Carrole, Connolly, Donaldson, Duffy, Flanagan or Flanigan, Frackleton, Graham, Hughes, Kelly, McCann, McCarney, McCarron or McCoran, McElgrew, McEnally, McNaghten, Moan, Molloy and Traynor.

The indentures have been scanned by the Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis at the Queen’s University of Belfast as part of our NIFHS@40 Anniversary Projects.