Graveyard Records

Gravestone inscription

Gravestone inscription

The North of Ireland Family History Society (NIFHS) has a large collection of transcriptions of graveyard inscriptions in the Randal Gill Library.  Subject to copyright law and to permission from the organisations supplying the material and to suppressing “recent” events, we plan to place more indexes and transcriptions online as complete records, abbreviated records (lacking some of the details in the printed version) or surnames only. Some records are freely available to any viewer; others are limited to Members only –  simply click or tap on the appropriate link.  The first time in a browser session you try to access Members-only content (which is identified by its name being in blue) you will be asked to log in.

There are no photographs of gravestone inscriptions on the NIFHS website.

There is a free Look Up Service available for Members who are unable to visit the Library.  In the following table the link Surnames beside a set of records enables you to check whether a surname exists and whether there are any alternative spellings.  Before requesting a Look Up, please check any corresponding Surnames list to ensure that the name of interest is present in that set of records.  Some of the names in the list may not appear in an online version as they are too recent. Causeway Coast and Glens Branch also hold Gravestone Inscriptions.  See their website for information.

In addition to the graveyards listed in the table below, there are links to many more listed in journals – see the Index to Graveyard Inscriptions Extracted from Journals.

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IR 575
– – – – – – –
IR 575-013
Co. Antrim, Ballycastle, Old Ramoan [Surnames], St James, & Culfeightrin
IR 575-033
Co. Antrim, Ballymena Gravestones Vol 4, St. Saviour’s Parish Church, Connor
IR 575-034
Co. Antrim, Ballymena Gravestones Vol 8, Newtowncrommelin Church of Ireland Burying Ground
IR 575-021
Co. Antrim, Ballymoney Old Church Graveyard
IR 575-019
Co. Antrim, Ballymoney, St. Patrick’s Parish Church Graveyard
IR 575-008
Co. Antrim, Billy Parish Church, Bushmills, Old Burying Ground (2 copies)
IR 575-018
Co. Antrim, Carnmoney, The Hidden Graveyard, Memorials in Graveyard No. 1
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IR 575-004
Co. Antrim, Carnmoney Parish “Carved in Stone”
IR 575-024
Co. Antrim, Culfeightrin Church of Ireland
IR 575-007
Co. Antrim, Derriaghy, Christ Church, Gravestone and Church
IR 575-025
Co. Antrim, Derrykeighan Old Church Grave
IR 575-022
Co. Antrim, Finvoy Church of Ireland
IR 575-036
Co. Antrim, Lambeg Parish Church, Inscriptions, Connor Diocese (1937 photocopy) — Cassidy, William Jun.
IR 575-001
Co. Antrim, Layde Graveyard
IR 575-003
Co. Antrim, Mallusk Memorials
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IR 575-023
Co. Antrim, Rasharken Church of Ireland
– – – – – – –
IR 575-017
Co. Armagh, Tandragee, Parish of Ballymore, St. Marks Graveyard
– – – – – – –
IR 575-016
Co. Donegal, Drumholm Graveyard, South Donegal
– – – – – – –
IR 575-039
Co. Down, Ballynahinch, Magheradrool, Church of Ireland
IR 575-020
Co. Down, Bangor Abbey Graveyard, 1900-2010
IR 575-030
Co. Down, Carrowdore, Church of Ireland
IR 575-027
Co. Down, Castlewellan, St. Paul’s Church of Ireland Graveyard
IR 575-032
Co. Down, Comber, St. Mary’s, Church of Ireland
IR 575-040
Co. Down, Dundonald, St Elizabeth’s Church of Ireland
IR 575-015
Co. Down, Hillsborough, Kilwarlin Church of Ireland
IR 575-041
Co. Down, Kilcoo Church of Ireland, Bryansford, Newcastle
IR 575-037
Co. Down, Killinchy, Church of Ireland
IR 575-031
Co. Down, Killyleagh, Church of Ireland
IR 575-038
Co. Down, Kilmegan, Dundrum, Church of Ireland
IR 575-035
Co. Down, Kircubbin Church of Ireland [Surnames]
IR 575-042
Co. Down, Maghera Old Church of Ireland (near Newcastle)
IR 575-026
Co. Down, Newcastle, St. Coleman’s Church of Ireland Graveyard
IR 575-028
Co. Down, Saintfield Church of Ireland Graveyard
IR 575-029
Co. Down, Tullynakill Church of Ireland Graveyard
IR 575-006
Co. Down, Warrenpoint, Clonallan Graveyard
– – – – – – –
IR 575-009
Co. Fermanagh, Castle Archdale, St. Patrick’s [Surnames]
IR 575-010
Co. Fermanagh, Killadeas, The Priory Church [Surnames]
– – – – – – –
IR 575-012
Co. Meath, Trim, Newtown, Newtown Graveyard
IR 575-011
Co. Meath, Trim, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Loman’s St.
– – – – – – –
IR 575-005
Co. Tyrone, Donagheady Old Burial Ground, Strabane
IR 350-001
Co. Tyrone, Langfield Parish Church (includes 1860 Census, surnames & plan of Lackagh Graveyard, surnames & plan of Upper Langfield Graveyard)
– – – – – – –
IR 625
– – – – – – –
IR 625-001
Co. Antrim, Ballymena Gravestones Vol 1, Kellswater Reformed Presbyterian Burying Ground
IR 625-014
Co. Antrim, Ballymena Gravestones Vol 6, First & Second Killymurris Presbyterian
IR 625-015
Co. Antrim, Ballymena Gravestones Vol 9, Newtowncrommelin Presbyterian Burying Ground
IR 625-010
Co. Antrim, Ballymoney, St. James’ Presbyterian
IR 625-002
Co. Antrim, Carrickfergus, Loughmourne Presbyterian Graveyard
IR 625-005
Co. Antrim, Donegore, 2nd Presbyterian Church Burying Ground
IR 625-008
Co. Antrim, Finvoy Presbyterian
IR 625-012
Co. Antrim, Kilraughts Old Church Graveyard
IR 625-009
Co. Antrim, Rasharkin Presbyterian
– – – – – – –
IR 625-011
Co. Armagh, Newmills Presbyterian
– – – – – – –
IR 400-131
Co. Cavan, Trinity Presbyterian Church, Bailieborough, The First 125 Years (1887-2012) (includes gravestone inscriptions)
– – – – – – –
IR 625-016
Co. Down, Ballygowan, Trinity Presbyterian Church
IR 625-017
Co. Down, Ballynahinch, 1st Presbyterian Church
IR 625-018
Co. Down, Ballynahinch, Edengrove, 2nd Presbyterian Church
IR 625-020
Co. Down, Crossgar (Lissara) Graveyard
IR 625-019
Co. Down, Drumee Cemetery (for Castlewellan and Newcastle Presbyterian Churches)
IR 625-007
IR 625-013
Co. Down, Killyleagh 1st Presbyterian Graveyard
IR 625-006
Co. Down, Saintfield 2nd Presbyterian Graveyard  [Surnames]
– – – – – – –
IR 625-003
Co. Fermanagh, Maguiresbridge etc. gravestone
– – – – – – –
IR 625-004
Co. Tyrone, Ballygawley Presbyterian Church
– – – – – – –
IR 650
– – – – – – –
IR 650-007
Belfast, Milltown Cemetery, The History of Belfast, Written in Stone
IR 650-004
Co. Antrim, Ballymoney, Our Lady & St. Patrick
IR 650-005
Co. Antrim, Greencastle, St. Mary’s [Surnames], “Our Lady’s Acre” [Surnames], Parish History & “Our Lady’s Acre” Plan
– – – – – – –
IR 650-001
Co. Armagh, Cullyhanna, St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Creggan Parish
IR 650-006
Co. Armagh, Lylo, St. John’s
– – – – – – –
IR 650-008
Co. Down, Killyleagh Roman Catholic Cemetery
IR 650-010
Co. Down, Bryansford Roman Catholic Church Graveyard
IR 650-011
Co. Down, Loughinisland Roman Catholic Church Old Graveyard
IR 650-012
Co. Down, Newcastle, St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church
IR 650-009
Co. Down, Portaferry Roman Catholic Graveyard
IR 650-013
Co. Down, Teconnaught Roman Catholic Chapel, Annacloy, Downpatrick
– – – – – – –
IR 650-003
Co. Londonderry, Draperstown, Moneyneena “Old” Graveyard
IR 650-002
Co. Londonderry, Draperstown, Straw “Old” Graveyard
– – – – – – –
IR 675
– – – – – – –
IR 675-022
Belfast Vol 1 Gravestone Inscriptions, Shankill, Christ Church, St. George’s
IR 675-023
Belfast Vol 2 Gravestone Inscriptions, Friar’s Bush, Milltown
IR 675-024
Belfast Vol 3 Gravestone Inscriptions, Balmoral Cemetery, Balmoral, Friends’ Burying Ground, Malone Pres.
IR 675-025
Belfast Vol 4 Gravestone Inscriptions, The New Burying Ground & Old Belfast families
IR 675-048
Belfast, Clifton Street, New Burying Ground
IR 675-103
Belfast City Cemetery, History, Written in Stone
IR 675-133
Belfast City Cemetery, History, Written in Stone (updated edition 2014)
– – – – – – –
IR 675-065
Co. Antrim, Armorial Sculptured Stones of Co. Antrim (U.J.A. Vol. 6 1900)
IR 675-066
Co. Antrim, Armorial Sculptured Stones of Co. Antrim (U.J.A. Vol. 7 1901)
IR 675-047
Co. Antrim, Carmavy Graveyard (2 copies)
IR 675-067
Co. Antrim, Islandmagee New Cemetery 1925-2002, On Tranquil Land or Stormy Sea
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IR 675-026
Co. Antrim Vol. 03 Gravestone Inscriptions, Carrickfergus and Ballynure Old Families
IR 675-027
Co. Antrim, Ballymena Gravestones Vol 2, Old Ballyclug
IR 675-028
Co. Antrim, Ballymena Gravestones Vol 3, Cullybackey Old Methodist
IR 675-051
Co. Antrim Vol. 01 Gravestone Inscriptions, Ballykeel Graveyard, Ballypriormore Graveyard, Islandmagee Church of Ireland
IR 675-052
Co. Antrim Vol. 02 Gravestone Inscriptions, Ballycarry Non-Sub. Pres., Ballygowan R.C., Ballyvallagh Graveyard, Glynn Graveyard, Kilroot Graveyard, Raloo Graveyard, Raloo Church of Ireland, Raloo Non-Sub. Pres., Raloo Pres., Templecorran Graveyard, Templecorran Church of Ireland
IR 675-029
Co. Antrim, Ballymena Gravestones Vol 4, St. Saviour’s Parish Church, Connor (re-catalogued at IR 575-033)
IR 675-030
Co. Antrim, Ballymena Gravestones Vol 5, Skerry Burying Ground
IR 675-058
Co. Antrim, Ballymena Gravestones Vol 7, Rocavan Burying Ground
IR 675-060
Co. Antrim, Ballymena Gravestones Vol 9, Newtowncrommelin Pres. Burying Ground
IR 675-110
Co. Antrim, Ballymena, Headstone Inscriptions in the Old Graveyard
IR 675-073
Co. Antrim, Larne, Old Families of the District
IR 675-130
Co. Antrim, Larne, Resting in Larne’s Green Land
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IR 675-054
Co. Antrim, Lisburn – These Hallowed Grounds Vol. 1 Kilrush & St Patrick’s
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IR 675-072
Co. Antrim, Lisburn – These Hallowed Grounds Vol. 2 Lisburn Cathedral & Friends’ Burying Grounds
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IR 675-132
Co. Antrim, Maghaberry, Trummery Old Graveyard
IR 675-061
Co. Antrim, Portcaman, Bushmills Folklore & History Group (Dunluce Gravestones)
IR 675-104
Co. Antrim, Rathlin Island, Parish of St. Thomas
– – – – – – –
IR 675-029
Co. Armagh, Creggan Parish Churchyard McMahon, Kevin & Murphy, Jem
IR 675-069
Co. Armagh, Parish of Seagoe, Lynastown Burial Ground 1658 – 1993, Quaker
IR 675-070
Co. Armagh, Old Tassagh, Parish of Keady
IR 675-050
Co. Armagh, Sunday School Outing disaster
IR 675-079
Co. Armagh, Ballymore Parish, Ballinabeck Graveyard
– – – – – – –
IR 675-041
Co. Cavan, The Graveyards, A Survey, 1998
IR 675-080
Co. Cavan Old Irish Graveyards Part I. Annagh, Bailieborough, Ballyjamesduff, Blacklion, Drumaloor, Drumlane, Killeshandra, Kilmore, Milltown, Swanlinbar
IR 675-081
Co. Cavan Old Irish Graveyards Part II. Arvagh Ballyconnell, Belturbet, Shercock, Kill, Meaghera, Mullagh, Raffony
IR 675-082
Co. Cavan Old Irish Graveyards Part III. Ballyconnell, Ballyjamesduff, Derrylane, Dowra, Drumalee, Kildallan, Killeshandra, Virginia
IR 675-083
Co. Cavan Old Irish Graveyards Part IV. Bailieborough, Ballyhaise, Cavan, Cloverhill, Cootehill, Killinkere, Killoughter,Kingscourt, Laragh, Lavey, Magherintemple, Urney, Virginia
IR 675-084
Co. Cavan Old Irish Graveyards Part V. Ballintemple, Ballymachugh, Bawnboy, Belturbet, Dernakesh, Drung, Glangevlin, Kilnaleck, Mullagh, Redhills, Templeport, Virginia
– – – – – – –
IR 675-108
Co. Clare, Ennis, Drumcliff Cemetery, The Hidden History of Ennis
– – – – – – –
IR 675-117
Co. Donegal Graveyards Part I Assaroe R.C. Abbey, Ballyshannon; Teightunny, Nr. Belleek, Co. Fermanagh; Christ Church of I., Burt; Culdaff C of I; Kilmacrenan Old Protestant Church; Kilmacrenan Franciscan Friary
IR 675-118
Co. Donegal Graveyards Part II Finner Old Graveyard, Bundoran; St. Finian’s C of I, Greencastle; St. Columb C of I, Moville; Clonmany C of I, Lower Moville; Greenbank Pres. Church, Nr. Quigley’s Point
IR 675-119
Co. Donegal Graveyards Part III St. Anne’s C of I, Ballyshannon; Donagh C of I, Carndonagh; Kilmonaster Graveyard, Castlefinn; Cloncha C of I, Malin; Balleighan Graveyard, Manorcunningham; St. Paul’s C of I, Ramelton
IR 675-120
Co. Donegal Graveyards Part IV Donaghmore Cof I, Castlefinn; Gartan Graveyard, Churchtown; Creeslough R.C. Cemetery; St. Catherine’s Old Graveyard, Killybegs; St. Colomb’s Church, Killybegs; Aughanishin Graveyard, Letterkenny; Leck Old Graveyard, Letterkenny; Raymoghy Graveyard, Letterkenny; Clonleigh Old Graveyard, Lifford
IR 675-121
Co. Donegal Graveyards Part V St. John’s C of I, Ballymore; St. Peter’s Parish Church, Killaghtee, Dunkineely; St. Lugadius C of I Clonleigh, Lifford; Malin Pres. Church; Magheragallon Old Graveyard, Tullaghobegley
IR 675-122
Co. Donegal Graveyards Part VI St. Conal & St. Joseph R.C. Graveyard, Bruckless; Inver Old Graveyard, Inver; St. John the Evangelist Parish Church, Inver; Leiter Pres. Church, Kilmacrenan; St. Finnian & St. Mark C of I, Kilmacrenan; Carne Old Graveyard, Pettigo; Templecarne C of I, Pettigo
IR 675-123
Co. Donegal Graveyards Part VII St. John’s C of I (Muckross), Pettigo, Co. Fermanagh; Tullyaughnish Old Graveyard, Ramelton; St. Eunan’s Cathedral Church, Raphoe; Christ the Redeemer C of I, Rossnakill; Isolated Memorials
– – – – – – –
IR 675-106
Co. Down, Ballycopeland Pres., Killysuggan R.C. [Surnames], Ravara Non-Subscribing Pres., Saintfield 2nd Pres. [Surnames]
IR 675-057
Co. Down, Ballygowan Free Presbyterian
IR 675-109
Co. Down, Ballyvester Graveyard
IR 675-105
Co. Down, Bangor New Cemetery, Newtownards Road
IR 675-074
Co. Down, Greyabbey Old Graveyard (1864 onwards) (See also Co. Down Vol. 12)
IR 675-059
Co. Down, Holywood Old Priory
IR 675-077
Co. Down, Killyleagh, Killaresy Graveyard
IR 675-078
Co. Down, Killyleagh, Killyleagh Old Graveyard, (also known as Killowen)
IR 675-001
Co. Down Vol 01 Gravestone Inscriptions, Breda, Carryduff Pres., Drumbo Church of Ireland, Gransha Pres., Hillhall Pres., Killybawn, Knockbreckan Ref. Pres., Moneyrea Pres., Tullynakill
IR 675-002
Co. Down Vol 02 Gravestone Inscriptions, Baileysmill Ref. Pres., Boardmills 1st Pres. [Surnames], Boardmills 2nd Pres. [Surnames], Dundonald, Killaney Pres., Knockbreda, Legacurry Pres., Killybawn Addendum
IR 675-003
Co. Down Vol 03 Gravestone Inscriptions, Ballycarn Pres., Drumbeg, Edenderry House., Kilmore, Kilmore Church of Ireland, Rademon Non-Sub. Pres., Saintfield Church of Ireland, Saintfield 1st Pres., Saintfield 2nd Pres. [Surnames], Tullynakill
IR 675-004
Co. Down Vol 04 Gravestone Inscriptions, Drumbo Pres., Holywood, Knock
IR 675-005
Co. Down Vol 05 Gravestone Inscriptions, Ballygowan, Blaris, Carrickmannon R.C., Comber Graveyard, Comber Cemetery, Comber Gillespie Mon., Comber Non-Sub. Pres., Comber R.C., Kilcairn, Killinchy Non-Sub. Pres., Killysuggan [Surnames], Kilmood, Raffrey Pres., Ravara Non-Sub. Pres.
IR 675-006
Co. Down Vol 06 Gravestone Inscriptions, Ballymacashen Reformed Pres. [Surnames], Killaresy, Killinakin, Killinchy, Killinchy Pres., Killyleagh Old Graveyard, Killyleagh Church of Ireland, Tullymacnous, Addenda – Drumbeg
IR 675-021
Co. Down Vol 07 Gravestone Inscriptions, Downpatrick & District Old Families
IR 675-007
Co. Down Vol 08 Gravestone Inscriptions, Ardglass [Surnames], Ballee, Ballee Non-Subscribing Pres., Ballycruttle R.C. [Surnames], Ballyculter, Bright [Surnames], Dunsfort, Dunsfort R.C., Kilclief, Kilclief R.C., Killough, Old Court Chapel, Strangford, Rossglass R.C., Saul R.C.
IR 675-008
Co. Down Vol 09 Gravestone Inscriptions, Aghlisnafin R.C., Ballykinler R.C., Ballynahinch 1st Pres., Ballynahinch 2nd Pres., Clough Pres., Clough Non-Subscribing Pres., Drumaroad R.C., Kilmegan, Loughinisland, Magheradrool Church of Ireland, Magherahamlet [Surnames], Magherahamlet Pres., Rathmullen, Seaforde
IR 675-009
Co. Down Vol 10 Gravestone Inscriptions (& Index to Vols 6-10), Ballmageogh R.C., Ballymartin R.C., Glasdrumman R.C., Kilhorne Church of Ireland, Kilkeel Old Graveyard, Kilkeel Church of Ireland, Kilkeel Moravian, Mourne Abbey, Mourne Pres., Tamlaght Graveyard
IR 675-010
Co. Down Vol 11 Gravestone Inscriptions, Movilla, Newtownards Church of Ireland, Newtownards Priory.
IR 675-011
Co. Down Vol 12 Gravestone Inscriptions, Ballyblack Pres., Grey Abbey Grounds, Grey Abbey, Kircubbin Pres., Addenda – Loughinisland, Magheradrool
IR 675-012
Co. Down Vol 13 Gravestone Inscriptions, Ardkeen, Ardkeen Church of Ireland, Ardquin, Ballycranbeg R.C., Ballygalget, Ballyphilip, Ballyphilip Church of Ireland, Ballytrustan, Lisbane R.C., Portaferry R.C., Addenda – Breda, Comber, Kilmore, Kilmore Church of Ireland, Knock
IR 675-013
Co. Down Vol 14 Gravestone Inscriptions, Balliggan [Surnames], Ballyhemlin Non-Subscribing Pres., Carrowdore, Cloghy Pres., Inishargy Graveyard, Slanes Graveyard, Templepatrick Graveyard.
IR 675-014
Co. Down Vol 15 Gravestone Inscriptions (& Index to Vols 11-15), Ballyhalbert Graveyard, Ballyhalbert Church of Ireland, Glastry Pres., Whitechurch
IR 675-015
Co. Down Vol 16 Gravestone Inscriptions, Ballycopeland Pres., Copeland Islands, Donaghadee Pres
IR 675-016
Co. Down Vol 17 Gravestone Inscriptions, Balloo House Mausoleum, Ballygilbert Pres., Bangor Abbey, Bangor Church of Ireland, Bangor 1st Pres., Castle Park, Clandeboye House, Conlig Pres., Groomsport Church of Ireland Groomsport Pres.
IR 675-017
Co. Down Vol 18 Gravestone Inscriptions, Annahilt, Annahilt Pres., Cargacreevy Pres., Eglantine Church of Ireland, Gilnahirk Pres., Hillsborough, Hillsborough Society of Friends, Hillsborough Hill Mon., Kilwarlin Church of Ireland, Kilwarlin Moravian,Kilwarlin R.C., Loughahery Pres., Lurganville R.C., Maze Pres., Moira, Moira Non-Sub Pres., Moira Pres., Carryduff Pres.Addenda – Castlereagh Pres., Drumbo Church of Ireland, Knockbreckan Ref. Pres.
IR 675-018
Co. Down Vol 19 Gravestone Inscriptions, Ballooly R.C., Donaghcloney Graveyard, Donaghcloney Pres. Dromara 1st Pres.,Dromara 2nd Pres., Dromara Reformed Pres., Dromore Cathedral, Dromore 1st Pres., Dromore 2nd Pres., Dromore Non-Subscribing Pres., Dromore R.C., Drumlough Pres., Finnis R.C., Garvaghy, Garvaghy Pres., Kilkinamurry Pres., Magheralin Old, Magheralin Church of Ireland, Waringstown Graveyard, Waringstown Pres.
IR 675-019
Co. Down Vol 20 Gravestone Inscriptions, Banbridge – Heart of Downe, Old Banbridge Families (& Index to Vols 16-20)
IR 675-020
Co. Down Vol 21 Gravestone Inscriptions, Newry & District Old Families
IR 675-071
Co. Down – Graveyards Vols 1 – 5 Index.
IR 675-049
Co. Down, Newtownards, Movilla Cemetery
IR 675-133
Co. Down, Ballynahinch, Magheradrool Old Graveyard
IR 675-138
Co. Down, Ballynahinch Congregational Church
IR 675-135
Co. Down, Crossgar Free Presbyterian Churchyard
IR 675-113
Co. Down Graveyard Inscriptions Vol. 1. Ardglass C of I [Surnames], Ardglass Pres., Ardglass St. Nicholas RC, Ardkeen Christ Church C of I, Ardkeen, Baileysmill Ref. Pres., Ballee C of I, Ballee Non-sub. Pres., Balliggan St. Andrews C of I (P. of Inishargy) [Surnames], Ballyblack Pres., Ballycranbeg RC, Ballyculter C of I, Ballygalget RC, Ballyhalbert & Ballyeasborough St. Andrews C of I, Ballyhalbert, Ballykinlar St. Patricks & St. Josephs RC, Ballykinler Army, Ballykinler Old RC
IR 675-114
Co. Down Graveyard Inscriptions Vol. 2. Ballymanish Pres. (Portaferry), Ballyphilip C of I, Boardmills 1st Pres. [Surnames], Boardmills 2nd Pres. [Surnames], Bright C of I. [Surnames], Cargycreevy Pres. (Annahilt), Carrickmannon R.C., Castlereagh Pres., Clough Non-Sub. Pres., Clough Pres., Cloughey Pres., Comber Non-Sub. Pres., Comber R.C., Drumaroad R.C., Dunsford St. Mary’s C of I., Gilnahirk Pres., Greyabbey New Cemetery, Hillhall Pres.
IR 675-115
Co. Down Graveyard Inscriptions Vol. 3. Kilcairn (Killinchy), Kilclief C of I., Kilclief R.C., Killaney C of I. (St. Andrew), Killaney Old Graveyard, Killaney Pres., Killinchy Non-Sub. Pres., Killough St. Anne’s C of I., Killough St. Joseph’s R.C., Kilmood C of I., Kilmore Old Graveyard, Kilmore Parish C of I, Kilmore Pres., Kircubbin Parsonage Road Graveyard, Kirkistown Cemetery (Cloughey), Knockbreckan Ref. Pres., Legacurry Pres., Lisbane R.C. (Ardkeen), Loughaghery Pres., Loughinisland St. McCartan’s R.C.
IR 675-116
Co. Down Graveyard Inscriptions Vol. 4. Magherahamlet C of I. [Surnames], Magherahamlet Pres., Millisle Pres., Moneyreagh Non-Sub Pres., Rademon Non-Sub Pres., Raffrey Pres., Rathmullan C of I., Rossglass R.C., Saul C of I., Saul R.C., Seaforde C of I., Slanes Graveyard, Tyrella St. John’s C of I
– – – – – – –
IR 675-031
Co. Dublin, Deansgrange, Dublin, Vol 1, S. West section
IR 675-036
Co. Dublin, Deansgrange, Dublin, Vol 1 S. West Section (2)
IR 675-032
Co. Dublin, Deansgrange, Dublin, Vol 2 Pt 1 Lower North section
IR 675-033
Co. Dublin, Deansgrange, Dublin, Vol 2 Pt 2 Lower North section
IR 675-034
Co. Dublin, Deansgrange, Dublin, Vol 3 Upper North section
IR 675-035
Co. Dublin, Deansgrange, Dublin, Vol 4 South Section
IR 675-062
Co. Dublin, Dublin, Deansgrange, Vol 5, West Section
IR 675-037
Co. Dublin, Dun Laoghaire – Rathdown Vol 1
IR 675-038
Co. Dublin, Kill O’ the Grange Cemetery Petitioners 1864
IR 675-040
Co. Dublin, Directory of Graveyards in the Dublin area
IR 675-056
Co. Dublin, Dublin, Peter St Cemetery 1711-1879
IR 675-075
Co. Dublin, Grangegorman Military Cemetery, Dublin
– – – – – – –
IR 675-085
Co. Fermanagh Old Irish Graveyards Part I. Ardess, Castle Caldwell, Devenish Island, Enniskillen, Inishkeen, Keenaghan, Killadeas [Surnames], Kinawley, Lisnarick, Lisnaskea, Troy, Tubrid
IR 675-086
Co. Fermanagh Old Irish Graveyards Part II. Belleek, Brookborough, Lisbellaw, Clogh, Rosslea, Lough Erne
IR 675-087
Co. Fermanagh Old Irish Graveyards Part III. Bellanaleck, Derrylin, Galloon Island, Killesher, Mullaghdun
IR 675-088
Co. Fermanagh Old Irish Graveyards Part IV. Aghalurcher, Derrygonnelly, Donagh, Newtownbutler, Rossory, Slavin
IR 675-089
Co. Fermanagh Old Irish Graveyards Part V. Ballinamallard, Boho, Derrybrusk, Enniskillen, Irvinestown, Killesher, Knockninny, Maguiresbridge
IR 675-090
Co. Fermanagh Old Irish Graveyards Part VI. Aghavea, Belcoo, Monea
IR 675-091
Co. Fermanagh Old Irish Graveyards Part VII. Irvinestown, Lough Macnean, Tempo, WWII connections
IR 675-092
Co. Fermanagh Old Irish Graveyards Part VIII. Addendum – Aghalurcher, Aghavea, Donagh
IR 675-111
– – – – – – –
IR 675-093
Co. Leitrim Old Irish Graveyards Part I. Ballinaglera, Dromahaire, Drumkeeran, Glenade, Glencar, Killargue, Killenumery, Kiltyclogher, Kinlough, Lurganboy
IR 675-094
Co. Leitrim Old Irish Graveyards Part II. Annaghduff, Ballinamore, Carrick-on-Shannon, Cloone, Drumreilly, Drumshanbo, Manorhamilton, Newtown Manor, Rossinver
IR 675-095
Co. Leitrim Old Irish Graveyards Part III. Fenagh, Jamestown, Kiltubrid, Lough Allen, Mohill, Newtowngore, Tarmon
IR 675-096
Co. Leitrim Old Irish Graveyards Part IV. Carrigallen, Farnaugh, Kiltoghert, Kiltubrid, Manorhamilton, Dromahaire, Jamestown, Aughavas, Bornacoola
– – – – – – –
IR 675-107/A
Londonderry City Cemetery Vol. 1 Jan. 1854-Jan. 1898  [Surnames for all 4 volumes]
IR 675-107/B
Londonderry City Cemetery Vol. 2 Jan. 1898-Dec. 1919
IR 675-107/C
Londonderry City Cemetery Vol. 3 Dec. 1919-Jan. 1930
IR 675-107/D
Londonderry City Cemetery Vol. 4 Jan. 1930-Dec. 1986
IR 675-137
Co. Londonderry, Ballinascreen Gravestone Inscriptions (Old Church, Moneyconey & St Patrick’s Church, Tullybrick)
IR 675-136
Co. Londonderry, Kilcronaghan Gravestone Inscriptions (Old Church, Mormeal & Tobermore Presbyterian)
IR 675-044
Co. Londonderry, Old Glendermott Burial Ground
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IR 675-039
Co. Louth, Castletown, Dundalk
IR 675-112
Co. Louth, Fochart Graveyard
IR 675-063
Co. Louth – Name index to Gravestones Vol 1
IR 675-064
Co. Louth – Name index to Gravestones Vol 2
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IR 675-098
Co. Monaghan Old Irish Graveyards Part II. Clones, Cortober, Drumdesco, Drumsnatt, Inishkeen, Killahear, Killeevan, Magheracloone, Monaghan, Mullandoy, Newbliss, Rockcorry, Stonebridge
IR 675-099
Co. Monaghan Old Irish Graveyards Part III. Aghnamullen, Annyalla, Ballybay, Cahans Connection (Salem, New York, Abbeville, S. Carolina,) Glaslough, Scotshouse, Tyholland
IR 675-100
Co. Monaghan Old Irish Graveyards Part IV. Corlea, Donaghmoyne, Errigal Truagh, Kilmore, Latton, Lisiniksy, Templetate
IR 675-101
Co. Monaghan Old Irish Graveyards, Early Burials 1625 – 1800
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IR 675-045
Co. Tyrone, Artigarvan, Leckpatrick Old Burial Ground
IR 675-076
Co. Tyrone, Corrick Abbey & Corrick Abbey Families
IR 675-053
Co. Tyrone, Omagh, Tombstones of the Omey
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IR 675-055
Co. Tyrone, Omagh district – “Tombstones of the Omey” (Draft – typed sheets)
IR 675-068
Co. Tyrone, Omagh, “Tombstones of the Omey” – Index
IR 675-124
Co. Tyrone Graveyards Part I St. John’s C of I, (Dunnalong), Bready; St. John’s C of I, Fivemiletown; Grange Burial Ground; Dromore Old Churchyard, Dromore; Dromore Pres.; Isolated Graves recorded about 1900
IR 675-125
Co. Tyrone Graveyards Part II Leckpatrick Pres., Artigarvan; Leckpatrick Old Graveyard, Ballymagorry; Leckpatrick C of I, Ballymagorry; Isolated Memorials Part 1; St. Patrick’s C of I, Stewartstown; Stewartstown Chapel-yard, Stewartstown; Clonoe Church Burial Ground, Stewartstown; Ballyclog Churchyard, Stewartstown, Patrick Street Graveyard, Strabane; Urney Pres, WWI Fatalities, Urney
IR 675-126
Co. Tyrone Graveyards Part III Old Donagheady Burial Ground, Donemana; St. James’ C of I, Donemana; St. Michael’s C of I, Donemana; Ardstraw Parish C of I, Newtownstewart; Plumbridge R.C.
IR 675-127
Co. Tyrone Graveyards Part IV St. Patrick’s Parish C of I, Benburb; St. John’s C of I, (Derg), Castlederg; Scarvagherin Burial Ground, Castlederg; St. Patrick’s C of I, Gortin; St. Bestius’ C of I (Termonamongan), Killeter; St. Patrick’s Burial Ground, Killeter; Magherakeel, Killeter
IR 675-128
Co. Tyrone Graveyards Part V Arboe R.C. Abbey; St. James’ C of I, Aughnacloy; Ballygawley C of I, Ballygawley; Ballygawley Pres.; Glencull Graveyard, Ballygawley; Brigh Pres.; Drumquin Pres.; Donacavey C of I, Fintona; St. Michael’s Old Graveyard, Fintona; Seskinore R.C.; Gorestown Graveyard, (Nr. Moy)
IR 675-046
Co. Tyrone, Strabane, Grange Old Burial Ground
IR 675-129
Co. Tyrone, Strabane Cemeteries – Strabane Cemetery; St. Mary’s Cemetery, Melmount Road
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IR 675-042
Grave Humour
IR 675-043
Care of Graveyards
IR 675-131
Cemetery Information & Tips for Recording MI’s in Cemeteries
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Co. Antrim, Bushmills, Billy Parish Church
Co. Antrim, Carnmoney, Carved in Stone, Church of Holy Evangelists Church of Ireland
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Co. Antrim, Carnmoney, The Corner Graveyard
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Co. Antrim, Dervock, Roseyards
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Co. Down, Portaferry
Co. Down, Donaghadee 3 disks
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Brian Cantwell’s Memorials of the Dead, Collected Works of Ireland
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